Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anti-Defamation League BREAKS MAJOR STORY

Several prominent American far Left leaders joined representatives of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations at a conference in Beirut to discuss strategies for supporting Hamas and opposing Israel and American interests in the Middle East.

The conference, titled "International Forum for Resistance, Anti-Imperialism, Solidarity between Peoples and Alternatives," was held on January 16-18, 2009, and hosted by the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation (CCSD), a
Hezbollah-affiliated think tank.

The conference was co-sponsored by several international far Left groups, including the International Campaign Against U.S. and Zionist Occupations, an umbrella organization that coordinates international opposition to Israel and to American military presence in the Middle East.

Check out the full story from the Anti-Defamation League at: American Far Left Joins Terrorist Groups for Beirut Conference

International Action Center

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that there is organized resistence to Rapious, repugnant, pugalistic, EXPANSIONISTIC, hallucinating, FACIST ISRAEL/US. I'll contact them and get on board. Nothing is more repugnent to people than the parasitic, tribe of FACISTS that have been puppets for the greedy, expansionistic US and it's rapious GREED!!