Thursday, May 21, 2009

Four Arrested in New York for Terrorist Plot against Synagogues

Local and federal law enforcement have thwarted a plot to bomb two synagogues in New York City. Four men, all from upstate New York, were taken into custody after planting what they believed to be bombs in cars outside two synagogues in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. One of the suspects, James Cromitie, who is of Afghani descent, allegedly told an informant that he was upset about the war in Afghanistan and that he wanted to “do something to America.”

All four of the men are charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles.

This plot, which was clearly motivated by a hatred of Jews, is not an isolated event in the U.S. There have been several other instances of homegrown terrorist plots around the country motivated by anti-Semitism, including the 2007 Fort Dix terror plot, the 2006 bomb plot in Rockford, Illinois, the 2006 shooting in Seattle and the 2005 Los Angeles terror plot. In addition, there was a 2002 bomb plot in Southern Florida against Jewish-owned businesses, the Israeli Consulate in Miami and Jewish community centers.

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