Friday, November 7, 2008

Manufacturing the Next Big Lie: The “Israel Lobby,” Jews & Iran

The conspiracy theory that an all-powerful “Israel lobby” controls U.S. foreign policy and is trying to force a war with Iran has become increasingly prevalent. Once largely confined to the far left anti-Israel and antiwar movements, this accusation has gained traction and reached a wider audience.

Professors, political commentators and former government officials have accused Israel and its supporters in the U.S. of manipulating American policy toward Iran to serve Israel, often at the expense of America’s interests.

This theory disregards Iran’s blatant violations of its international treaty obligations and four U.N. Security Council resolutions which require Iran to cease pursuing a nuclear weapons program and its repeated threats against Israel. It portrays U.S. support for Israel and advocacy for increased sanctions against Iran as primarily the result of pro-Israel lobby efforts that disproportionately control U.S. foreign policy and discussions of the conflict in the media.

Some who espouse these views have also pointed to comments made by the U.S. presidential candidates during the election campaign in support of protecting Israel from the threat of Iran as evidence of the “Israel lobby’s” far-reaching control.

While these allegations against the “Israel lobby” are not a new phenomenon - when the U.S. invaded Iraq, similar narratives about the “Israel lobby’s” power and influence were evoked - as tensions with Iran escalate, this theory has gained significant traction and has found a place in the mainstream.

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