Monday, September 14, 2009

Muslim World League Uses English Language "Journal" to Peddle Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory

The Muslim World League (MWL), which has been trying to position itself as the leading entity representing Muslims in international interfaith efforts, is tainted by the anti-Semitic themes it promotes through its English-language Journal.

The May 2009 issue of The Muslim World League Journal, which is distributed worldwide, features a shocking cover story propagating conspiracy theories about Jewish control of media, according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League. The phrase 'Control of World Media' appears on the cover next to a large blue and white baseball cap - adorned with the Star of David - sitting atop a globe.

The cover story, titled "Six Companies Control the World's Media," appears to be an updated version of an article widely circulated on anti-Semitic Web sites for several years. Based on an original piece written by William Pierce, the former head of the neo-Nazi national Alliance, the article names of individuals heading media companies with the epithet 'Jew' or 'Jewess,' reads:

"One might conclude that the sheer number of different newspapers across America would provide a safeguard against Jewish control and distortion. However, this is not the case…it also illustrates the insatiable appetite Jews have shown for all the organs of opinion control on which they could fasten their grip."

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