Monday, September 14, 2009

Sabiqun and Anti-Semitism on Campus

The two principal leaders of Sabiqun, an anti-Semitic Muslim group that advocates for the creation of a global Islamic state, have become popular speakers on college and university campuses over the past several years.

The ADL reports that Sabiqun founder, Imam Abdul Alim Musa, who heads a mosque in Washington DC, and Imam Abdul Malik Ali, leader of a mosque in Oakland, California, have used their appearances on campus to promote hostility toward Israel and American Jews.

For example, during a speech at UC Irvine in May 2009, Malik Ali called supporters of Israel "the new Nazis" and told the students that "the Zionist Jewish community" wanted to stifle freedom of speech in order to "destroy your will to resist."

While Sabiqun appears to have a relatively small following organized primarily around two mosques in DC and Oakland, its leaders continue to be provided with a platform to spread their anti-Semitic and conspiratorial themes by student groups and others.

For more on Sabiqun and its leaders' anti-Semitic appearances at college campuses, check out Sabiqun and Anti-Semitism on Campus

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